Unfortunately we lost the greatest cymbalsmith “Roberto Spizzichino”

Dead Roberto Spizzichino craft cymbals

the famous drummer Roberto Gatto made the announcement on Facebook , a friend of Roberto Spizzichino.
On November 21, 2011 failed Roberto Spizzichino, known for having createdmasterpieces such as food artisan “Spizzichino” that just take his name.

We all remember the hand made cymbals for a short time found themselves in the music shopsunder the brand name “Spizz”, short name of his name. The cymbals were printedwas short-lived, when in fact, Roberto decided to go their own way and continue to build their personal jewelry. Jewelry made with his own hands the cymbals thatwere and remain in sound and beauty compete with the best products of the mostfamous factories worldwide.
It is thought that Roberto in his laboratory, drawing, turning, modify, adapt, andfelt his cymbals before sell or give away. Who has had the opportunity to see him work with him will surely rejoice in seeing make unique pieces played by many famous drummers of national and international scene. In recent years he had managed to sell the pieces in USA, where it was much appreciated and valued as a craftsman and as a person.
Roberto Spizzichino, the craft of the cymbals, as many called him, left in the memory of many a sign unforgettable drummers and who now has a plate craft Spizzichino you can really feel honored, as well as fortunate to have in hand a piece of Italian history and a great test craft made in Italy.

Video of traditional Spizzichino cymbals

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